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Stop Bullying in Your School

Stop Bullying in Your School

Nowadays, the cases of bullying in schools are increasing at a breakneck pace. Given that, a school’s principal must take an initiative to curb this menace before it takes a toll on the school’s reputation.

Follow the steps mentioned below to eradicate bullying from your school: 

  1. Hold a meeting to discuss bullying activities going in your school with a team of important people, including vice-principal, teachers and staff members.
  2. Do not forget to ask parents of both the bully and bullied to participate in the meeting. Make sure that the parents of both the sides know the reason behind the meeting.
  3. Examine the reasons behind bullying incidents in your school. You may appoint a mentor to students who are doing this. This way, such students would always have a check on themselves and would not trouble other students.
  4. Emphasize the consequences of bullying, stating that severe steps would be taken against the student for any kind of aggressive behavior and that bullying would never be acceptable.
  5. Install a problem drop box at places in the school, so that students can report issues and problems and even offer suggestions.
  6. Help bullies with anger management activities. Besides, teaching cooperative learning activities to all students is also an important step.
  7. Increase adult supervision in the halls, yards and washrooms. In addition, improve communication among teachers, students and parents.

You should take action against bullying without any delay. Children easily get caught in the darkness of bullying as the experience brings to them low self-esteem and zero confidence. So, the earlier you take an initiative, the better it would be for your school and students.

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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