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Building Cross-cultural Relationships in Two Languages

In today’s world of globalisation, students from various parts of the world are learning together. Developing cross-cultural relationships are very important for the students to get along well and have a healthy social-emotional environment for learning. This is why Johnsy-Haines Elementary School, located in the Chinatown area of Chicago, is trying to build relationships between the Asian majority and African-American kids in the school.

In a school where 80% of the kids are from China, it is of no surprise that Chinese is the most popular language for learning. And yet, the school fosters learning English helping the Asian-American kids mingle well with the African-American kids, which is beneficial for the former in building the foundation for mingling in the English-speaking community. The latter also benefits from the exposure to such a dominant culture present in that part of the state, and because learning a different language is simply exciting.

Bilingual connections are a unique way to foster relationships between two communities, and the teachers of Johnsy-Haines Elementary School have come up with interesting methods to help the connection between the children of two vastly different cultures foster.

Watch the following video to learn more!

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Pritikana Karmakar

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