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Bullying! Deal With It!

Bullying Deal With It

Keep one thing in mind that a bully will always do what he likes i.e. bullying. However, it is your choice to either be the victim or raise your voice. It is understandable that gathering up courage when being bullied might not come instantly, however you can learn to defend yourself in the least against any potential threat.

In order to protect yourself, the first step is to change your perspective. If you think you are feeble in front of the bullies, trust me, you might always remain so and be bullied. You need to assure yourself repeatedly that nothing is more important than one’s self-respect. Remember, it is always respectable to jump in the battlefield and die fighting rather than to die without even trying.

Keep in mind that no one can bully or rag you unless you let them to. Do not get scared by anyone and believe that you are mighty and strong enough to scare them in turn.

If you are unable to defend yourself, resort to help immediately. For instance, if you are alone and being bullied, immediately shout for help; yell loudly so that you are sure of being heard.

In fact, most of the times, it is the bullies who lake courage in spite of putting up a being-strong show. Bullying or ragging usually takes place when either you are a fresher or you may look a bit different. Simply be extra alert, learn some basic self-defense moves and keep certain things handy like pencil or pen to help in protecting yourself.


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