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Help your child cope with bullying

Help your child cope with bullying

One of the most difficult experiences for children is being bullied by their classmates or playmates. You should always be aware of the environment around your child and make him/her aware of the same too.

The following steps show how to help your child cope with bullying:

Know the problem

Bullied children often find it tough to come out of the trauma. The reason behind being bullied can be anything. It could be shyness or innocence. Bullying can also take place in case something went wrong between your child and the bully, which triggered the act. Be gentle with your child and get to know the problem, as sometime kids don’t open up.

Create awareness of being bullied

At times, children do not actually understand what is happening with them but they become uncomfortable and sad. Such children think that bullying is an action deserved by defaulters or wrong-doers like them. It becomes parents’ responsibility to educate their children about the same and let them know that bullying and other such activities portray misconduct.

Building confidence

Bullying results in the development of low self-esteem and a negative self-image in children, thereby obstructing their personality development. It is your duty to boost your child’s confidence and tell him/her how special he/she is while praising and appreciating his/her talents. Spend more time with your child to help him/her come out of the shell. You may even enroll your child in activity classes so that he/she can divert his/her mind elsewhere.

However, with just a hint of any such activity, the first step is to contact the teacher and involve him/her as far as possible.

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