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Homework Still An Essential Part Of Studies

Homework Still an Essential Part Of Studies

Homework since ages has been a constant topic of debate among everyone. Educators have believed that homework helps in creating discipline in children. However, after some decades a concern was raised saying that homework interferes with children doing home activities. As a result, arguments for and against homework have always been in the educational system.

There are some learning theories which claim that the stress and burden of homework can be harmful for a child, while there are other theories which say that homework plays a vital role in shaping and developing a child’s mind and future.

If some people believe in homework and its purpose, there is always a question about the significance of homework in determining the grades of a student. Questions like should teachers regularly assign homework and grade it, or if it should be taken as just a means of practice and exercise?

Should homework be given the due importance as it has been getting, or should it be discarded? Is homework really helping in making your child string, or is your child feeling burdened with it?

What is your say on this?


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