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India Vision 2020 – How can the dream turn into a reality?

India Vision 2020 – How can the dream turn into a realityIndia is now eight years away from 2020, the year when we envisage ourselves as a super power. One way of achieving that goal is to ensure quality education to the masses. How do we achieve that at a time when the world grows older and India continues to grow younger? By 2016, more than 63 per cent of the country’s population is expected to be of working age. By 2020, the average Indian is expected to be 29 years old. The industry and service sectors are expected to generate 60 million job opportunities by the end of 2012, and 156 million by 2016.

We will need a huge effort to have a work force ready for such huge requirements. The education sector will have to gear up to accomplish this mammoth task. It’s a huge challenge. And that is why IndiaVision 2020 has to be a mission for one and all – the people, policy-makers, education experts, opinion leaders, industrialists, administrators – indeed, everybody. The time to start is now, by answering some very pertinent questions:

  • What are the policy initiatives necessary to take education to the grassroots level? How can the dropout rate be decreased?
  • How can quality education and skill development be ensured to prepare entrepreneurs?
  • How will technology help build a better education system for all?
  • How can private public partnership in education provide a thrust to mission education for building India Vision 2020?

What are your opinions/inputs/suggestions on these? A wider consultation will help evolve a better approach, so do write to us here so that we can contribute to the effort to build a roadmap to the goal.

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