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Technology-enabled quality education is an absolute must

Technology-enabled quality education is an absolute mustThe World Education Forum at Dakar in April 2000 adopted the Dakar Framework for Action. This recognised the fact that education is a fundamental human right and is the key to sustainable development, peace and stability within and among countries.

Quality and adoption of technology lie at the heart of the goal of “Education For All.” The country has achieved considerable progress in universalising elementary education through the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan. The Right to Education Act and its implementation has transformed a human right into a fundamental right for all children.

Despite an improvement in access and retention, the learning outcomes for a majority of children continue to be an area of serious concern.  Quality as mandated under the RTE will have to be realised in tangible terms. To improve the quality of education, the focus must shift from input indicators such as infrastructure, faculty and staff, to learning outcomes. The effort must also shift from traditional methods of teaching to modern methods of teaching, including adoption of digital technology.

If the quality of education remains poor, it will the fundamental and human rights of citizens and deny them equal opportunity to fully realise their potential and lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. We must also create avenues for skills training and vocational education so that alternative employment and working opportunities are created for the younger generation.

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