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Advantage of ICT in classrooms

There is a huge potential to enhance the learning process in classrooms with the use of technology. Technology transforms the way subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and English are taught in the classroom.

Technology makes the teaching-learning process not only interactive, but also gives the teachers a lot of flexibility in the way they teach. The teachers can make the process more productive and effective by using the various tools of teaching that technology offers.

One example is virtual lab, which can help students conduct experiments and watch them being conducted, so as to learn theories and concepts better. In this way, students can retain more information, something very difficult to achieve in the traditional chalk and board method. Another advantage is that such a system encourages the student to think logically and learn by relating theory with actual examples.

The country is now gradually realising the utility, need and necessity of digital education. Schools in the private sector as well as those run by the government are now adopting eLearning tools in a phased manner. Let’s hope that digital learning becomes a common feature of all schools in the years to come to give our students the edge that they need in the 21st century!

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