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Digital education goes beyond classroom

There have been a lot of progressive changes in the education sector in recent times. The most prominent has been the shift to instructor-led delivery aided by technology-enabled solutions. Technology has become an integral part of the classroom. An increasing number of teachers are using technology-led tools as teaching aids to enhance the delivery of their lessons. Digital classrooms are increasing in number, the growth being fuelled by increasing awareness and the realisation that our students need to be world class to compete at the global level in this age of information technology. Digital education goes beyond the classroom, though. It encourages and helps students connect with each other and with their teachers, collaborate on projects, carry out research, and constantly be aware of the quality of their learning and performance. At another level, it reaches out to parents and administrators as well, involving them in a greater way in the process of education. Technology in education has to be cost-effective so that the learner is engaged effectively. It can really make a huge difference. There are challenges, like limited resources, connectivity and infrastructure. As a result, inventive ways are needed to circumvent these challenges.


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