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Social media can be an effective tool in education

Global economic and social trends over the past few decades have had profound implications on educational and the use of technology in schools. ICT has changed the way people live. It has made it necessary for educational systems across India to reinvent teaching and learning to prepare students with 21st century skills. Effective, existing, and emerging technologies can be integrated to enhance learning opportunities. Social media can be used as an effective tool to facilitate user interactions and collaborations, enabling students to share experiences, to become content co-creators and to enhance their learning. It will help break down barriers to learning, facilitate sharing of learning resources and ideas, and improves research skills. It also helps find information online, a skill now important at the workplace. It also encourages collaborative learning with a global perspective and appeals to different learning styles. It provides opportunities for individuals to master basic and advanced technical, academic and job-related skills, improve the quality, flexibility and delivery of the teaching-learning process, motivates individuals towards academic growth at their own pace, and encourages higher thinking and problem solving skills. Technology can be utilised for teaching and learning throughout the entire learning community.


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