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Who Have the Power in K-12 Edtech Adoption?

Technology administrators are the one who takes care of the district’s network infrastructure, adoption and implementation school-site technology. With so much competition among Edtech companies, it is difficult to reach the target audience. So to reach folks in IT, you need to know who has their ear. It’s the teachers who suggest the principals about digital tools for schools.

Teachers are the ones who will actually be using the technology and they understand the needs of their students, know what tools will help them develop more engaging lessons. 

So to implement ed-tech tools its the teachers one should target as they know the key pain area to address and how to overcome them.

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Source: EdSurge


Arpita Sarkar

Arpita Sarkar is an experienced social media executive at Next Education Pvt. Ltd. She has completed her post graduation in Mass communication and PR from St. Xavier's College(Autonomus) Kolkata. Being a student of journalism she is a passionate writer and loves arts. Her interest lies in arts, music and dance.


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