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Importance of Critical Reading

The problem with the conventional methods of education is that students are expected to regurgitate facts while preparing for exams. Usually, static or fixed assessments become the norm of judging a student’s intellect. This academic practice allows them to only cram content within a short span of time, rather than internalising the subject matter. Consequently, it deteriorates their thinking skills. It is, therefore, important for them to engage with an academic text at a deeper level. 

Doing an in-depth study of an academic text leads to the development of analytical skills, required for both academic and professional growth. The grasping and creative processing of concepts positively affect the students’ thoughts and language structures. It enables them to relate to different ideas, think in novel ways, and even get insights into personal experiences, theories, facts and concepts that call for higher-order thinking skills. Since critical reading prompts a reader to understand the underlying meanings inherent in a piece of content, it provides a holistic learning experience to a reader, as well as enables them to experiment with diverse academic styles. 

Article source: https://www.thehindu.com/education/why-critical-reading-matters/article29475410.ece

Manalisa Sarmah

Manalisa Sarmah is a copywriter at Next Education Pvt. Ltd. She has completed her MPhil in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. She has worked on different educational projects with Hope Foundation and Adhyayan respectively. Her interest areas include reading, creative writing, and travelling.


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