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Theme-based teaching

Theme-based teaching

Theme-based teaching approach entails various activities that are interlinked with each other through their content. This teaching approach is closely associated with communicative language teaching. In the classroom, a teacher can use this approach in various ways. Using teaching methodologies, content, and activities from different subject areas is one such way. Besides, the integration of activities from other subject areas is another possible way.

This teaching approach is also known as activity-based teaching. In this approach, the teacher needs to plan the lesson beforehand. Lesson planning can be done using two tools, including webs and brainstorming. These help in accumulating ideas and building a link between them in order to develop themes and sub-themes. Interestingly, this approach calls for the active involvement of students in the lesson planning process. The first step in the lesson planning process is to select the theme and then sub-themes. Thereafter, activities are created from all the sub-themes. It is important to mention that all activities should be age-based.

While using various theme-based units in teaching a language, the teacher plays the role of a facilitator or coordinator. The teacher should give his/her opinion on what students are preparing and suggest various alternatives if required. Besides, the onus is only on the teacher to control behavior in the classroom and ensure that all his/her students are involved in some constructive activities, which help in enhancing their skills and increasing their knowledge.

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