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Classroom EduTech Technology in Education

Teachers are eager to use technology

Most of the teachers are nowadays quite adept at using technology. They have started using technology as an effective teaching tool in the classroom. One benefit that they derive from it is that tech-enabled teaching tools helps them manage their time in the classroom better. They have also realized that digital educational technology helps in improving learning outcomes in the class, as it empowers them with a large number of tools and a lot of flexibility in planning lessons and delivering lectures.

Teachers are also keen on using technology in the classroom in view of their students’ growing interest in technology. However, it does not mean that all teachers are adopting digital teaching/learning wholeheartedly in the class. There are many teachers who are still hesitant to use technology-enabled teaching tools. One reason could be a misconception prevalent among such teachers that these tools are very difficult to use. Therefore, proper training and orientation programs are required to help them overcome their hesitation and encourage them to embrace technology-enabled teaching and learning.


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