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Rockstar Teachers are not made nor born, they are self-made. The segment which plays the role lies in the word QUALITY. Quality is a word which defines the perfection but alas the word quality for teachers reflect the ready reckoner towards perfection and a Google substitute for the masses of age. The teacher who is a monitoring force behind all the activities within the classroom is reflected to re-schedule the learning for we cannot teach the way we were taught.


The sequences reveal that it is more so ever a true explanation to monitor or get monitored for student’s sake, with expertise in various fields of knowledge as a requisite rather than an occasional occurrence in totality. The fragrances of desire from a favorite or a rock star teacher pertain to the reality on cards. For the classrooms of today desire, let there be showers of blessings, showers of blessings we pray. For the classrooms of today deliver learning, not knowledge due to the open learning available to the kids via WWW i.e. Whatever, Whenever and Whatever as an easy means to dose the party spectrum within classrooms.


The shadow of a Teacher, delivers pride and perfection, with the belief of making the world go better and informed. The tools and the e-learning deliver the pace of quality deliberations within classrooms for the children, the generation next, love the subject only when they like the teachers, their traits and fervor in particular. Students’ are not their behaviors and hence labeling them sets them up for failure and can also reflect or effect the self-esteem of the rest of the class. This is a once in a blue moon spectrum, and the reflection of many classroom experiences and routine. The prime objective to deliver quality environment is paced via paying attention to what your students are doing while you are teaching. The doing may be listening intently, fiddling and doodling, poking others, raising their hand a little, raising their hands, making noises, moving around, quiet but not looking or listening actively and above all sleeping with their eyes open! As teachers, we don’t get to decide whether we have challenging students in our classes, but we can certainly decide how we respond to them.


A Quality Teacher is expected to deliver the pace of learning and create a rapport, chat with the students using the languages they understand and also gives them the attention at the beginning of the class. He is also expected to encourage them in front of the whole class, noticing the good responses they exhibit and ask them simple questions about the work they are doing. The teachers need to continuously encourage and engage with the colleagues for ideas, with planning and introduction of new topic merging them with the previous learning during class hours.


Quality conception is a delivery of more fun at school for the students, mastering the emotions by teachers, learning more effective ways of teaching and above all developing a greater rapport with the students. As rightly quoted by Martin Luther King. Jr. “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education, the teachers to deliver quality and perfection must role out as WOW teachers with pace and time. The personalized learning must equip the teachers’ participation of students having an active voice on products for assignments. Not only this the students must be motivated to develop learning experiences based on interests and needs, in addition, but the students must also collaborate with teachers on developing learning tasks and assignments. The readiness and the learning preferences prevail with obvious reasons in support of this fragrance and fertilize the productivity at pace. A teacher is also needed to provide choices based on trend data, must be street smart and by choice not by chance to make learning fun and entertaining for the masses within classrooms. Of course, to shelter the thought, Teachers make all other professions possible is a true only when there is a WOW feature within classrooms and children are glued to the eye balls of the teacher. The new age spectrum for being a QUALITY Teacher should dwell as LIFE signifying,
L – Love what you do.
I – Be Inspired.
F – Be free to make things better.
E – Make an Effort to learn for better.


The Literacy is to be re-imagined with HABITUDES which incorporates the assembly of Habits and Attitude. The content here applicate to derivatives which include Imagination, Curiosity, Self Awareness, Perseverance, Courage, Adaptability and Passion. In addition, use questioning strategies that make all students THINK AND ANSWER. Each day include some questions you require every student to answer. Find a question you know everyone can answer simply, and have the class respond all at once. This shall engage the masses and develop their interest in the subject in real!


The above explores a new page of skill development and monitoring of presentation modules engaging the learner in the best of the formative manner of the new age requirements of the Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment (CCE) by schools as a mandate. Paying attention of how they learn and what their motivation levels appear to be is hence one of the Quality Assessment Tools for Learning to happen. Teachers and Parents need to believe in the saying, ‘Some can fly higher than others, But each one flies the best it can.’ Why compare one against the other? Each one is different.


Cheers and happy learning.


Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, (Author & National Teacher Awardee) Academic Evangelist at Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow. www.nexteducation.in.

Email: dheerajm@nexteducation.in


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