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The Secret to Perfect School Management

Do classrooms always have to be boring, laborious and tedious for teachers at your school? Not if you have the right technology to transform classrooms for teachers and the school management. Is that something that can really bring about this transformation? Find interesting answers to this question in our blog. 

Transform Teaching and Learning

Next Education presents to you the NextLearningPlatform (NLP), a product designed to assist you in your academic and administrative responsibilities. While NLP’s NextERP ensures seamless administrative processes, its NextLMS enhances the classroom experience for teachers in multiple ways. Name a task you can think of in a classroom and NextLMS will sort it out for you. It is that technology that makes any classroom a smart one and teaching, a cakewalk. It’s a tool that makes both teaching and learning enjoyable. Students’ assessments are taken care of too. For this, you have NextAssessment, a comprehensive and integrated assessment management solution for all the assessment needs. 

Plan Your Courses Easily Yet Effectively

To make a teacher’s life easy, the Course Planning module provides them with a pre-created lesson plan that saves their time, energy and effort in creating the most suitable plan for each class. It is designed to suit the needs of both Indian (ICSE and CBSE) and international curricula (IGCSE, IB, American, etc). You can identify learning objectives, lesson summaries, use audio-visual content for effective teaching or even share these plans with other teachers of the same class. It also allows you to upload content created by them in any format i.e., Doc, PDF, MP3, images or videos. The feature also allows the storage of 5 GB of information.

Teach & Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

With features like the Live Lecture powered by Zoom, NextLMS allows you to switch from offline to online classes mode. It has never been so easy, has it? Students can go back to an auto-recorded Live Lecture whenever they miss a class or need a revision. With this provision, a learner will never miss important lessons for any reason. It saves teachers the time, energy and effort in repeating the same concept again. It is truly the best way to learn anytime and anywhere.   

Assign Homework in a Few Clicks

Assigning, checking and giving feedback on homework has never been easier. With NextLMS’s Homework module, you can customise homework according to the learning gaps of your students, assign individual or group tasks, send regular alerts to parents and give feedback. Unlike earlier, it will be done in no time and with accuracy. It will only be a matter of a few clicks and you will have finished all the homework-related tasks. 

NextLearningPlatform has a solution for the hassle of administrative tasks as well. NextERP is designed to create an easy, transparent and paperless administration with efficiency

Ease in Conducting and Evaluating Exams 

Now you can conduct exams like never before no matter what the situation is. NextERP gives you the flexibility to any type of exam structure depending on the number of terms and assessments. It gives the provision either to create questions manually or use the template that is available. The feature provides templates for report cards that can be personalised for every student. It makes a teacher’s job easier by sending regular alerts to parents about every test.  

Staff and Timetable Management

With NextERP, keeping a track of staff and students attendance is no longer a hassle. All the activities such as viewing staff and student profiles whenever required can be done efficiently. Whether it is tracking attendance with accuracy, managing staff salaries, leave approvals or allowances, everything is now possible with NextERP. The module is advanced enough to give you details of the chapter planned for the day once the timetable is set by the admin. It automatically schedules and notifies another teacher when a teacher is absent. Thus, saving time and avoiding confusion.

Efficient Management of Miscellaneous Tasks 

NextERP is your one-stop window for all the miscellaneous tasks that are a part of a long to-do list in running a school efficiently. Be it a Question Management module that provides 5,40,000+ questions tagged according to the Bloom’s Taxonomy, OTPs, Biometrics and pick-up passes to ensure that visitors are genuine, the library management module to help you search, issue and return books with great ease or the transport module to give you an advanced safety experience with a facility to track the journey, you achieve simplicity and efficiency in all these tasks just with a few clicks.

NextLearningPlatform is a teacher’s best friend, making classroom tasks easier than ever and administration transparent and effective. As a teacher, you will now have extra time to take care of the other needs of students and assist them in their academic growth. As an administrator, you will experience finesse and accuracy in your day-to-day tasks.

Kruti Beesam

Kruti enjoys blogging and listening to music. She actively tries to sensitise people towards disabilities and create awareness about the need for wheelchair friendly infrastructure. Being a foodie, Kruti looks forward to meeting new people and sharing a good meal with them.


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