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Childcare Made Easy: Introducing NextLearningPlatform for Preschool

Today, the biggest challenge for parents with kids in preschool is the inability to effectively monitor their learning and ensure that they are spending quality time in school. This is compounded by the fact that children communicate in limited ways at a young age and asking them about their day at school will not always elicit the desired response.

At the same time, teachers have a tough time meeting the unique needs of young learners in the classroom, leaving little time to keep track of all their activities. They are also required to communicate with parents frequently to showcase the things that the children have learnt in the classroom. 

We intend to solve this problem for both parents and teachers once and for all with NextLearningPlatform. It is packed with unique features that ensure parents are made an integral part of their child’s journey and teachers are updated about what their students are up to.

Capture and Share Moments

With NextLearningPlatform, teachers will be able to record and update every activity (for instance, a learning activity, food, nap or other activities) that students do during a day in class. These activities can be recorded in the form of an image, audio, video or any other suitable attachment type. Teachers will have an option to tag recorded activities with relevant learning objectives and post them on a universal feed screen.

This feature is not limited to preprimary/primary classes but extends to secondary and senior secondary classes too. Live classroom projects, lab experiments, science exhibitions and extracurricular events, like the school’s annual day, sports day, etc., can be captured and shared with all the stakeholders in an instant! 

We realise that the safety of children is paramount both to the parents and the school. Hence, we have enabled teachers to record and report any incidents that occur to children at school on the platform.

Parents are also provided with the option to record activities like homework or holiday assignments that their child completes at home to make them feel included in their child’s learning.

Data-Driven Reports

A comprehensive report of the learning objectives completed by students in the classes will be available for the parents and school administration on the platform. The report will be compiled based on the learning objectives tagged by teachers in the recorded activities.

Universal Feed

The feed screen in NextLearningPlatform helps parents, teachers and students keep track of all the activities going on in the school, such as scheduled lectures, homework, assessments or announcements made by teachers in class. Teachers and students will also have the ability to view and comment on these posts.

In other words, it is the school’s own personal social media for academics!

Resource Publishing

NextLearningPlatform enables teachers to share single or multiple classroom resources with students. They can also choose to publish one or more resources to specific students or specific groups of students if needed. They will also be able to decide which resources can be downloaded by the students and the availability of the resource, i.e., whether it will be always available or available only after being discussed in the classroom.

The above tools perfectly work in harmony with the other digital tools of NextLearningPlatform, like  Live Lecture powered by Zoom, assessments and examinations, etc. With the addition of support for preschool, NextLearningPlatform is now the most holistic K–12 academic solution.

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