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Is There A Mantra For Scoring High?

How about finding out a direct mantra to score high?

Well, it may be disappointing, but there actually isn’t a special or specific mantra to score high. But, if want, you can develop one. Surprised! Just with few simple steps you can easily create your own score-high-mantra.


Utilizing every minute

The first step is to utilize that time, which usually other students let go off. Let’s take an example, for instance, your first class in school is from 9.00 am to 9.50 am and the second class is from 10.00 am to 10.50 am. Now, if you notice, you are getting 10 minutes before the second teacher steps in the class. These 10 minutes hold the first key to the mantra which majority students ignore.

Divide these 10 minutes in say 3 parts of 4, 3, 3 minutes respectively. Your work in the first 4 minutes should be to revise the portion taught in the class just ended by going through the notes jotted down by you. Ensure that you totally understood what was taught. Don’t worry; 4 minutes are more than enough for this task. In the next 3 minutes, give your mind and body time to relax, and in the remaining 3 minutes, you go through the portion which was taught by the next teacher in her previous class sessions.

According to the researchers, the human brain stores more data, if the revision of the topics taught, are done immediately the classes. You might think of this being a bit packed, but trust me this simple task will help you get hold on the subjects, in addition to understanding the daily portions without any lag. Make this exercise a habit.

However, if the time gap between two classes is less or more than 10 minutes, divide it as per your convenience, but your main objective should be to carry out the task.

Revise regularly

The next step should be to regularly revise the portions of the respective subjects being taught in the school at home. A certain time like 2-3 hours spent in the evening, to go through the material taught that day in addition to completing home assignments can prove to be all that you need to top the class.

Make use of weekends

The final step you need to instill comes in your weekly routine, which is to run your brain through the entire portion taught in the last week. Remember, the more we rack our brains through something, the more we help it to retain.

The difference between a high scorer and the rest of the students?

A high scorer utilizes that time which the others spend in relaxing or taking things easy, because that’s the time when you can go ahead of all, e.g. the breaks within two classes or weekends.


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