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PM e-VIDYA initiative- Transforming the education sector

The indefinite lockdown had put the economy on a standstill, with the education sector being no exception. However, by leveraging the digital platforms the education sector is reviving and enabling students and teachers to connect virtually. Digital learning has gained a lot of popularity and acceptance across public and private educational institutions.

Considering the role of technology in education and ensuring that the education sector leverages digital learning to provide uninterrupted teaching and learning, the government of India has announced Pradhan Mantri e-VIDYA’ initiative as a part of Rs 20-lakh crore Covid-19 package. This is a welcome move by the government to introduce technology-driven education. This initiative to offer multi-mode access to online education will boost digital learning platforms during the lockdown. 

Let’s gain insight into this newly launched PM e-vidya initiative:

  • ‘DIKSHA’, the CBSE’s learning platform, will be made available to schools in states and union territories. Under one nation – one digital platform initiative, students and teachers will be provided with e-content and QR coded textbooks for all grades.
  • The government will come up with a dedicated TV channel for each class from standard 1 to 12. This step will ensure that students from low economic strata or those who don’t have access to the Internet can be equally benefited and learn along with their peer. Radio, community radio and podcasts will be widely used in this approach.
  • Alongside Swayam Prabha DTH channels, 12 more TV channels will be introduced. The Swayam Prabha is HRD ministry’s free-to-air DTH channels that focus on educational content ranging from arts, science, commerce, social sciences to engineering, technology, medicine, and agriculture.
  • Special e-content will be provided for visually and hearing-impaired students.

Digital learning- 21st century education system 

In this technology-driven world, digital education will bridge the digital divide in the education sector. Digital adoption in education will provide ample opportunities to students and educators to learn through myriad platforms, enhance their skills and become responsible citizens. This will make the youth future-ready, which would have been a slower process with traditional/ offline learning.

Not only in tough times, e-learning is one of the best solutions as it allows one to study at their convenience within the comfort of their home and reduces travel time. 

NextLMS, an e-learning platform, offers comprehensive teaching-learning experience by providing online classes, doubt sessions, audio-visual content, e-books, PDFs, assignments, adaptive assessments and continuous evaluation to make at-home learning interactive and engaging. 
PM e-VIDYA programme will not only drive educational revolution by fundamentally changing the teaching-learning pattern and pedagog but also make education accessible to all, thereby making every youth Aatm nirbhar (आत्म निर्भर).

Kritika Tandon

Kritika is an avid reader and passionate writer. As an active and enthusiastic writer, she has a keen interest in writing on topics pertaining to education, technology and social issues. She enjoys traveling, gardening and creative writing.


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