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MIRROR… A full-length assessor

MIRROR… A full-length assessor

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?”

For me, the story of the mirror began very early. I was in my kindergarten when this fairy tale was narrated to me by my teacher.

It was a moment of wonder how the mirror replied to what the queen desired and it was atypical day when the mirror refused to give the answer she wanted to hear.

For years, I kept wondering why it had happened.

As I grew, it kept coming back to me. I remember when a bundle of books was gifted to me for reading during the summer break. The prize for reading all those books was a series of Nancy Drew/Enid Blyton.

Years rolled by, I, along with my peers and friends, kept growing. The mirror; however, the mirror was still fixed somewhere in my subconscious.

During my professional years, on a visit to an army regiment, I saw a full-length mirror placed outside the commanding officer’s office.

I assumed it had something to do with beauty or Vaastu or scientific or may be a personal choice. Later on, when I could not control my inquisitiveness, I check with one of the officers.

An amazing explanation came my way. This full-length mirror was a great motivation to dress well and take care of one’s appearance as one entered the premises. The process had ingrained a habit and everybody around had a prim turnout. This was a practice throughout the defense forces.

I came back enriched. My childhood mirror story gushed out from the subconscious.

Now wherever I saw a full-length mirror, it indicates a few things

  • Discover yourself
  • You are what you see yourself as
  • Mirrors don’t lie
  • God has made no junk
  • People see you complete
  • Be confident
  • Mirrors reflect
  • Error… no error

Many schools have adopted the tradition of a full-length mirror in the hall. It is a great tool that you must use to evaluate yourself. It can work wonders as your own peer assessor.

The day you have a doubt, stand in front of your assessor, practice, and you will have an immediate evaluation.

There may be days when this assessor may require reviews, then take the help of your teachers and may be at times, parents.

Look at yourself as a great individual.
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