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Physical Education Gearing Up In Schools

Physical Education Gearing Up In Schools

Physical education has now become an integrated part of  the school curriculum. With the burden of studies taking a toll on children, making physical education a part of the curriculum holds immense importance.

According to various studies, physical education plays a key role in the overall development of students. With the subject being a part of the curriculum, students get to exercise regularly, which help them develop and maintain a healthy and well-functioning circulatory system.

Moreover, physical education has a significant impact on a student’s personality development and social skills. Studies have revealed that boys who are high in strength tend to adjust well both socially and psychologically as compared with those who are low in strength.

Physical activities help relax mind and body, thereby enabling students to concentrate and focus more on their studies. In fact, this subject significantly contributes to the character development of a student as well. It instills the qualities of being a good citizen and a better human being in students. With students following the rules and regulations of various games and even paying penalties, this subject inculcates the qualities of an ideal person in students.

On the other hand, participation in activities and games provides a huge economic value as well not only to the respective school, but to the nation too. Today, one can find  a plethora of examples of honorary people who are playing or coaching in various physical activities and games.

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