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How travel can boost your child’s brain?

If you are planning a vacation or looking forward to a casual break along with  your children, travelling is something which is highly satisfying. In addition to the inherent charm of travelling, it can help in building character and develop life skills in your children.

Here are a  few ways in which of travelling can boost a child’s brain:

  • Travelling is de-stressing: The most significant aspect of travelling is that it allows us to break free from the daily routine. These days, children are no less busy than adults with their routing comprising school, assignments, lessons for added skills and basic domestic chores. Travelling, though slightly  exhaustive, will undoubtedly relax their mind and allow them to think beyond the daily routine. A short break will re-energise them, and boost their spirit.
  • Travelling offers hands-on learning: The best thing about travelling is the hands-on experience children can get. Different climatic conditions, biodiversities, cultures, etc,  can be perceived better when visited. What seems boring in books may become interesting in reality. For example, visiting a museum or a heritage site will improve their historical knowledge. Similarly, scientific concepts can be better understood by visiting a science museum.
  • Travelling helps in discovery: while vacationing, studies are the last thing on the minds of children. Travelling also offers a good opportunity to wean them away from  TV and video games. . Vacations offer a great opportunity for children  to explore their surroundings and discover new and interesting things they may not find in their textbooks. Academics can hardly explain the colour palette of the sky during sunset or the joy of playing word games with a fellow traveller.


  • Travelling develops social skills: Travelling is a great way to make your children aware of the world around them. In the course of a trip, you and your children will meet and interact with people coming from diverse backgrounds and this helps in broadening their outlook. Moreover, now that they are out of their safe cocoon, they might have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Hence  travelling offers a chance to the children to handle such situations and help them to become more patient, tolerant, cooperative and adaptable individuals.  .
  • Travelling helps understand logistics: Older children can also be actively  involved in planning for the vacation. They can collect information about the destination, the routes, the places of interest, etc., and familiarise themselves with documents like passport, visas, tickets, etc.,  and understand the protocols related to them. They can also learn cost management, map reading and other such vital skills.


Travelling provides food for thought, for both adults and children. But children have a tender and less experienced brain. Travelling will help them fill their minds with memories and experiences  they can cherish throughout their life and put to wise use in the future.


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