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Smart ways parents can help their children with homework

Smart ways parents can help their children with homework

Most children dislike, if not dread, doing their homework. As a parent, it becomes a gruelling task to properly motivate your children towards doing their assignment on time. You cannot do the homework for them because you understand how important it is for the  children to do it themselves. At the same time, you cannot push them beyond a certain extent as it may break their spirit. The following  are some smart tips on how to make your children understand the importance of doing their homework and ensure a smooth completion of the same:

  • Allot a specific time slot and place: Instead of nagging your children throughout the day to do their homework, allot them a specific time. The parents should help their children understand that the allotted time for homework must be utilised judiciously.  The parents must ensure that the children complete their homework on time, and also lay down a condition that, once the homework is completed, only then can they utilise the rest of their time in pursuing their hobbies, socialising, participating in recreational activities, etc.  Additionally, assign a place to study. Studying in a specific place helps in  concentration. The children do not always need to sit at a desk to study. They can move around in a room and be more comfortable.
  • Show interest/involvement: When you are helping your children with their homework, try not to do  any other tiring work alongside. This may make your children think that you are not interested or their homework is not important enough to merit attention. At the same time, do not be overtly vigilant; give them some privacy and the leniency to work according to their convenience or else they may grow fearful of you. But again, do not sit idle with your phone/TV; do some light reading to let your  children know that this time is reserved for work and not recreation. This way an ambiance can be maintained where they will not get distracted.
  • Organise: Help your children to organise their homework in a non-exhaustive way. Doing one subject for a long time may get boring or doing all at once will yield inefficient results. Encourage the children to maintain a journal of the assignments that are due. Categorise  the homework into small chunks which rotates between interesting/easy and boring/difficult portions as per their preferences. Make sure that the children take frequent small breaks to avoid mental strain.
  • Avoid doing ‘everything’: It is important that your children do their homework on  their own. You should only help them to organize it or explain difficult concepts. If there is a bulk of homework, get in touch with the teacher and find an alternative way, so that the children are not overburdened. Encourage the children to speak to their teachers incase they are facing a difficulty in understanding a particular concept. .

Ultimately, it is imperative as parents to be aware of your children’s needs.  Parents should be able to understand their children’s likes and dislikes, identify their problems, and determine a middle ground where you are satisfied with your children’s achievement, and the children are comfortable in doing their homework. Strategically implementing  these tips, will enable you to positively  help  your children with their homework.

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