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Benefits of yoga for kids

Benefits of yoga for kids

Childhood in the 21st century is threatened by several factors, with stress and obesity being the crucial ones. Today’s kids are juggling several things–their schools, homework, private tuition, extra-curricular activities and most importantly, the constant pressure to score well in examinations. Therefore, kids are now more prone to stress. On the other hand, childhood obesity is gaining prevalence across the country. Thanks to our sedentary life and the craze for junk food, physical activities are fast disappearing from kids’ routine. Against this backdrop, yoga is now regaining its importance as a panacea.

  • Physical benefits associated with yoga are enormous. Various asanas performed during yoga classes help in increasing kids’ physical strength and making their body more flexible. Undoubtedly, physical strength and flexibility go a long way towards enabling kids to avoid injuries as much as possible.
  • In yoga classes, kids perform some fast-moving and some slow-paced asanas. These asanas help children develop self-control, improve their attention as well as concentration and increase their awareness. Therefore, yoga is a remedy for hyperactive kids. While performing yoga, kids’ hyperactivity and impulsive behavior are toned down.
  • For improving kids’ self-esteem and building self-confidence, yoga classes are quite helpful. When kids pick up skills like flexibility, focus and perfection at the time of performing various asanas, these skills boost their confidence and self-belief.
  • When it comes to stress management for kids, yoga classes can do wonders. Yoga postures are quite effective in producing happy endorphins. Besides, various breathing exercises help in slowing down the heart rate, calming kids’ mind and soul.
  • Last but not the least, yoga classes are also a good platform to teach kids the basics of discipline. While performing asanas, kids need to follow various steps one by one. It ultimately inculcates a sense of discipline in them.


Kids of all age groups can reap the benefits of yoga. Even for children with special needs (like autism and ADHD), asanas are a boon. These asanas help in reducing children’s aggressive behavior, hyperactivity, and social withdrawal. In addition, yoga is a proven technique in addressing various issues, including poor self-regulation, weak motor coordination, and so on.

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