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7 Actionable Strategies To Enhance Board Exam Performance

Are the upcoming board exams worrying you? It is natural to be worried about this significant milestone in your academic journey. However, if you follow a structured approach, there is no scope for worry. Here are seven strategies when implemented properly, will boost your board exam score.

Go Through the Syllabus

You may know the entire syllabus because you have spent an entire year with it. However, it is a good practice to go through the entire syllabus before starting your board exam preparation. Make a list of the concepts you are confident of and those which you think require extra effort. Design your timetable according to these lists for a productive board exam preparation. The knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses will help you prioritise better.

Do Better Than Yourself

Improvement is key to boosting your board exam performance. Test yourself on concepts and subjects that need improvement. Compare your old scores with your new ones. This will give you a clearer picture of your strengths and weaknesses and help you modify your preparation plan accordingly. Compete with yourself through ample practice tests, sample papers and previous years’ exam papers. Prepare your timetable/study schedule in a way that leaves enough time to test yourself after you prepare in a concept or chapter.

Stick to your Syllabus

As simplified and easy as a reference book may seem, it is important to stick to the prescribed syllabus books. The syllabus books are designed in a way that they include everything you can expect in a board exam. With only two months left for the board exams, it is best to stick to your syllabus books. Go through the reference books only after a thorough reading of the syllabus books is done.

Turn your Weaknesses into Strengths

Mock tests or sample papers will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses accurately. After this goal is achieved, the next step is to convert your weaknesses into strengths. Get to the root of your mistakes. Focus on why they are occurring and how they can be corrected. There are products available online, which will give you an accurate analysis of strengths and weaknesses. This will greatly boost your board exam performance.   

Time Management is Everything

Preparation boosts board exam performance when time is managed wisely. How you use every hour of the day makes a difference to your preparation strategy. Study for at least eight hours a day. Five-six hours of uninterrupted sleep is good for an exam goer. Choose the morning hours for subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Economics. Use sports period or activity time to revise logical subjects like Math, Physics and others.

Work on Sample Papers and Previous Year Ones

The best way to get a peek into the upcoming board exams is to sharpen your skills with previous year question papers. It will give you an idea about how the questions can be framed and how they are marked. Also, familiarise yourself with exam pattern changes, if any. Knowing the pattern will help you structure your preparation accordingly and reduce the scope of errors to an extent. 

Languages are Important too

While spending a lot of time mastering subjects like Math, Science and Social Studies, English and other languages get neglected. Therefore, the overall percentage drops when you don’t perform well in a scoring subject like languages. Getting a grip over aspects of grammar, comprehension, composition and other language-related skills is important. It will significantly boost your board exam performance. Spend enough time learning the concepts in every subject, including languages. Manage your time wisely to ensure that you are thorough with all subjects. A systematic approach to board exam preparation can help you achieve this goal.

Kruti Beesam

Kruti enjoys blogging and listening to music. She actively tries to sensitise people towards disabilities and create awareness about the need for wheelchair friendly infrastructure. Being a foodie, Kruti looks forward to meeting new people and sharing a good meal with them.


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