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NCERT Solutions

LearnNext provides NCERT Solutions in the form of videos to all the questions provided in NCERT textbooks. These solutions are available for Maths and Science. NCERT textbooks are widely used in schools affiliated to the CBSE board since they provide concise but comprehensive discussion of lessons and concepts, in lucid language. The NCERT questions are also exhaustive and cover all aspects of a chapter, the questions assess both students understanding of the concepts as well their ability to apply.

Popular NCERT Videos Solutions

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Trigonometric Ratios and Angles
Trigonometric Ratios and Angles
Trigonometric of Special Angles
Trigonometric of Special Angles
Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometry Exercise-8.1
Trigonometry Exercise-8.1
Trigonometry Exercise-8.2
Trigonometry Exercise-8.2
Trigonometry Exercise-8.2 Q1
Trigonometry Exercise-8.2 Q1

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Classwise NCERT Solutions

The NCERT questions become extremely important because many of the CBSE board exam questions are related to these questions. Also the questions of competitive examinations like NEET and JEE are modelled on the NCERT questions. Considering the importance of these questions, of late, some state boards are also revising their syllabus keeping the NCERT syllabus in mind.

Hence, detailed and reliable solutions to NCERT questions are important for students learning a particular chapter, preparing for exams or seeking help with homework.

NCERT Solutions by LearnNext will help you excel in studies

  • Answers to all NCERT questions are provided by a panel of qualified and experienced teachers.
  • All NCERT questions and CBSE's assessment pattern is thoroughly researched before preparing the solutions.
  • Helps students validate their answers or find solutions to questions they are unable to solve
  • Answers provided in lucid language to enable every student understand them easily
  • Step-by-step explanation of questions to help students make sense of the answer
  • Video explanations to engage students better
  • Flexibility to pause and resume the video at anytime so students can revisit areas they need better clarity on
  • Graphs, diagrams, equations and relevant examples, to support the answers
  • Voice-over in Maths NCERT solutions
  • Platform for asking doubts related to any subject, in addition to the solutions already provided

The NCERT solutions offered by LearnNext will help you excel not just in board exams but also give you an edge over your peers when it comes to competitive exams preparation. The detailed solutions will make it easy for you to grasp the underlying logic of the NCERT questions, so you are able to approach similar questions with ease. With these NCERT solutions, you can save a considerable amount of your time and effort in finding reliable resources.

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