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With a note of embracing technology, Vedic schools set up computer labs in their premises

Time is changing fast. Recently, two city-based Vedic schools set up computer labs in their premises to train budding scholars in basic computer education. The schools intend to help students with advanced studies and research in Sanskrit and Yoga through the Internet.

Both the schools, namely Maharshi Bharadwaj Ved Vidyalaya and Maharshi Bharadwaj Ved Vedang Shikshan Kendra, are run by Maharshi Bharadwaj Ved Vidya Samiti and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Vedic schools generally offer a seven-year course in Ved, Vedang, Jyotish, Mathematics, English, Social Science and Computers. These schools follow the syllabus of NCERT. The academic sessions in these schools usually begin in July-August.

Acharya Sharma said that this is the first time Vedic schools have set up computer labs for students with an objective of making them aware about the events across the world and also conducting advanced research in Sanskrit, Jyotish, Yoga and Vedic mathematics.

Akshat, a Vedic student, said “We are happy to learn the basic concepts of computers and are also interested to know about the latest research in Sanskrit, Yoga, Jyotish and maths. With the Internet. we are able to know the happenings around the world.”

Source: The Times Of India

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