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Tips to enhance your self-study journey

Are you planning to take the self-study approach for the upcoming exams? Self-studying can be challenging. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to create a plan for self study and stick to it. Don’t worry! This blog will tell you the advantages of self study and guide you in beginning your self-study journey. Here are some tricks that can help you sail through this process smoothly.  

Advantages of self study

Self study makes you an active learner while making you responsible for what you learn. You tend to learn better when you study on your own. Self study makes a curious and independent learner. Learning on your own helps you retain better and for a longer time. You can also choose from a wide range of sources when using self study to learn. 

Preparation for self study

Evolution Guided Self Study Course: An Overview

Preparation for an exam always starts with knowing the syllabus. Know your syllabus thoroughly as it will help you organise your schedule. The next step is the selection of subjects which should be done wisely. Put the toughest first and then go ahead with the easier ones. This is important because the tougher subjects will take you more time to learn. It is essential to start earlier so you can spend more time learning the things that you don’t know.

Use time wisely

When preparing for an exam, time is crucial. Time management is your key to success. Create and follow a timetable. Eliminate the various distractions like T.V.,WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Time spent on learning differs from student to student. Your grasping power decides how much time you need per subject or concept. There are online learning tools like adaptive tests that help you understand subject-wise and concept-wise strengths and weaknesses. Such tools will save a lot of your time and help you learn better. Also, you can refer to animated video lessons to get a better understanding of concepts.

Stick to syllabus

The safest thing to do while preparing for an exam is to stick to the prescribed textbooks and the syllabus. This will give you all the information you need. Make sure you cover your syllabus well in advance. Leaving things for the last minute will only make you anxious. Learn from your textbooks and keep reference books for revision at the end of your preparation. Keep an eye on updates about your exam dates, pattern and syllabus.

Put away sample papers

Sample papers seem very tempting. Especially when you want to finish a large portion of your syllabus in a short time. This, however, is not a good idea. Sample papers are for last-minute revision. Taking them up, in the beginning, will confuse you. You may be left with less information and less time at the end of the day. Spend time with your books and go to sample papers only after you have thoroughly revised the syllabus.

Avoid peer pressure

While studying for an exam, you may feel tempted to check your friends’ progress in their syllabus. Don’t do that. Comparing might discourage you or put pressure on you to focus on quantity instead of quality. You will not be able to learn what you have to when you are in a hurry to finish the syllabus. Study at your pace and ensure that you complete the syllabus.

Previous years’ papers

Keep some time in your exam preparation to solve previous years’ papers. This will give a peek into how the actual exam will look like. You can also get acquainted with the question paper pattern when you check out the previous years’ papers. Test yourself enough to know where you stand and how you can improve. This will also help you check the amount of time you are taking to attempt answers and make amends to finish the paper within three hours.

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