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Technology helps make students comfortable in classrooms

Thanks to the extensive use of technologies in education, it is quite clear that our education sector is on the highway of modernization. High-end technologies and multimedia-driven content have transformed the sector significantly. With this wind of change, teaching and learning methods and styles have undergone a sea change in many schools across the country.

The latest entrant to the technology-based education sector is cloud technology, which has brought more flexibility to the teaching-learning process. Using this technology, students can easily submit their assignments, while teachers can review them on a regular basis. Therefore, when such a facility is incorporated into a school’s digital classrooms, the classrooms turn more learning-friendly and welcoming.

Unlike traditional classrooms, digital classrooms help both introverted and extroverted students voice their views/concerns in the classroom. In a traditional classroom setting, extroverted ones dominate group discussions. However, using web tools, such as online forums, message boards, and others, even introverted students can actively participate in the teaching-learning process.

Especially, online chat forums come in handy for shy students, as these forums help them voice their opinions aloud offline. This practice gradually helps inculcate self-confidence and optimism in shy students and encourage them to voice their concerns, views and opinions.

Another advantage associated with digital classrooms is that they increase students’ interest in study. Undoubtedly, almost every student feels more connected to the teaching-learning process in the digital learning environment. Since students, these days, are more inclined to use gadgets and gizmos, they are likely to embrace the new-age teaching-learning method.

Today, children are keen on browsing social networking sites so teachers can even explore the option of creating online platforms for specific lessons, projects, and assignments. Further, it is the responsibility of teachers to leverage modern education technologies like online assignments and video lecture to make all study materials engaging, interactive, and refreshing. Students, apart from getting involved in studying through such innovative measures, will understand the relevance and importance of the entire content, thereby showing more interest in the subject.


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