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Students need a creative education system

Students need a creative education systemThe system of education in India is typically an instructed one, in which every student follows the instructions of the teacher. They study from the textbook, do assignments, take up tests, appear for the exams, and exit the system. There is very little scope for individual thinking. The students are bombarded with information.

However, to really make individuals out of students, we need to have a system of education where they are encouraged to think and imagine, to apply logic. In other words, we need an education system that encourages creativity. Because that is how students will blossom into individuals with a purpose in life. If there were no creativity, nothing meaningful would have been created ever in this world – no cars, no electricity, no computers, no aeroplanes. Without imagination, there would have been no science or mathematics, even.

That is why we need a system of education that inculcates and encourages creativity. Creativity helps explore the realities of the world. It makes life meaningful and beautiful. It aids in the creation of a better world.

Creative education helps students to follow a path they like and think on their own so that they come out victorious in their professional and personal lives. It encourages students to ask meaningful questions and help develop their intellect. Effort should, therefore, be made to make education more creative.

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