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Self-learning in different social scenarios

Today, as more parents go to work, it demands that children be more self-reliance than ever before. Parents are juggling their careers and kids, and the balance often tips. There are far fewer teaching sessions that parents can spare their kids at home.

Self-learning tools are also extremely beneficial as they are updated and in sync with the syllabi of various boards in India. Today’s tech savvy school-goers are fast learners, they also learn the same concepts that their parents learnt in tenth grade at a much earlier stage. So, it’s only natural that parents find it tough to keep pace with their kids. This is the perfect scenario to use a self-learning tool for children. Moreover, such a tool also supplements classroom learning and can even iron out specific difficulties while learning.

For instance, many children fear Maths, it no less than a phobia. They can easily overcome this fear by learning the subject using creative visuals, virtual demonstrations, and animated films.


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