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Self-defense classes should be made mandatory in schools

Self-defense classes should be made mandatory in schools

A school is an institution designed to provide a learning platform for students. Schools play a crucial role in the life of children, and hence, are the best places to implement important training programmes such as self-defense. Self-defense classes should be made mandatory for all schools in India so that students are trained to be self-reliant and adequately prepared to ward off any sudden attack. Students should begin training from an early age of six to fourteen as their bodies are supple and flexible and can easily adapt to different forms and techniques of self-defense.

Self-defense in physical education classes

Physical education classes do not necessarily have to be about running along tracks or playing kickballs; these classes can be a lot more than that too. The curriculum can just as easily include yoga and self-defense alongside other regular physical activities. Some of these trainings include Judo, Karate, other kinds of martial arts, and basic self-defense techniques. While it is a well-known fact that self-defense boosts the physical strength of a person, it also greatly helps in enhancing his/her mental strength.

However, in order to include self-defense training in physical education classes, the school should firstly provide a safe environment for practising these skills. Before including these training sessions in school, the physical education trainers should first learn the art of self-defense techniques themselves and perhaps even become certified self-defense trainers. They can even enlist speakers trained in self-defense techniques and martial arts to assist the training.

Self-defense classes can check bullying too

Bullying is an epidemic in schools and remains a serious cause for concern as students by and large face this issue at least once in their school life. Since bullying can lead to physical violence or cause long-term emotional damage, it is essential for students to know how to defend themselves. However, it is important that they realise self-defense can only be used as a last resort. They should also know how to de-escalate a conflict and resolve an issue amicably. To minimise violence, some schools have taken serious steps by implementing programmes such as yoga, meditation and group activities that teach tolerance, empathy, character building, and so on.

Benefits of self-defense classes

  • Enhances self-confidence and self-esteem among students
  • Enables students to protect themselves
  • Enables students to become rescuers and help others too in times of need
  • Enables students to become more alert, attentive, disciplined and fit
  • Helps students develop physical skills and techniques
  • Enables students to overcome fear in tense situations and respond with grit .

Thus, it is imperative to include self-defense training in India’s education system as it will empower students and make them stronger and more courageous.

Self-defense is a lifelong skill that helps in raising awareness and trains the children to become self dependant to tackle with problems coming along their way. It teaches them to have patience and become empathetic so that it helps them in preventing a threatening situation from escalating into something more serious.


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