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Maths Made Easy!

Maths Made Easy!

It has been found that many students in India have Maths phobia. At times, this phobia can be so severe that students stress out and even catch a fever just before a Maths exam.

MathsLab—an innovative product of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.—is an effective solution to this phobia, as it makes Maths fun to learn. Based on the philosophy of ‘Learn – Analyze – Build (LAB),’ MathsLab enables students to learn through various activities so that they can discover mathematical ideas all by themselves.

MathsLab also helps students relate to Mathematical concepts and grasp their applications in everyday life better. Due to varied learning styles in a classroom, teachers need to think beyond the traditional chalk and blackboard approach so that they can teach Maths more creatively. Using simulations and experiments, MathsLab makes Maths more experiential and real-life learning.

For example, students can learn how to build a rhombus and verify its surface area. They can also learn trigonometry as they see miniature constructions and observe their angles. The teacher demonstrates these simulations and experiments so that students can follow. The main intent is to empower students to discover Maths concepts by themselves.

This solution also enables the teacher to make lab plans according to the requirements as well as various learning styles of the students in the class.

Some innovative features of MathsLab:

  • Bridges the gap between learning and practice
  • Merges teacher-led sessions, students’ practice and hands-on activities
  • Provides personalized learning environment, along with several practice sessions

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