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Is digital education replacing or re-placing teachers?

Technology is not only transforming the face of education but also the roles of students and teachers. With the changing environment in schools, we look forward to a higher and better understanding among learners. In fact, technology-based education is expected to re-place (not replace) the role of teachers soon. It is true that digital learning enables students to understand any concept/subject/topic deeply and better; however, it is only through a teacher that the content reaches learners properly.

The importance of a teacher can be understood from the fact that not all students in a class are intelligent and have the equal IQ level. Hence, it is the responsibility of a teacher to help each student understand a concept better. Undoubtedly, digital content can be easily grasped by an above average and clever student. However, those who are below this level will need some sort of assistance.

Teachers help in bridging the gap between students and the digital content, thereby helping their pupils understand any concepts better. In the digital-learning era, teachers have gone beyond the age-old book-chalk-and-talk teaching method and evolved as a medium to disseminate knowledge from the actual resource.

No one else other than a teacher can understand the need of students and education. It is only teachers who inculcate various skills and values into students, thereby enabling them to head towards the path of success. Teachers are focusing more on continuous reviewing and multiple assessments rather than simply the pen-paper way of teaching. By conducting various programs and skill tests in the class, they help students not only in grasping the content well but also in developing an outward approach.

The role of teachers today is changing from simply disseminating knowledge to heeding the comprehensive feedback and high-quality assessment of students. Instead of being teachers literally, they are becoming schools in themselves, imparting both knowledge, and skills and attributes into students. Given this, teachers nowadays contribute significantly to producing an entire batch of skilled and intelligent students. All these factors ultimately reinforce the truth, “No Technology Can Replace Teachers.”


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