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IIT-Delhi is all set to combat air-pollution with its new tech-solution

The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-Delhi) has created technological solutions to combat air pollution in India. The institute has come up with devices to control air pollution after the establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) in February 2018.

The cost-effective devices can provide temporary relief from air pollution in Delhi and other states of North India. The Chakr Shield, one such device helps to convert pollutants to ink that can be used for drawings. The retrofit device by the IIT Delhi alumni can trap 90 per cent of particulate matter in the exhaust and can reduce the pollution caused by the diesel generators.

On the other hand, the Nasofilter, which was designed by the alumni of IIT-Delhi in 2017, can protect users from air pollutants, and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

Nasofilter made it to the South Korean government’s list of  ‘Top 50 technical startups in the world’.

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Urmi Khasnobish

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