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Help Your Child Achieve Better Results In High School

Help Your Child Achieve Better Results In High School

High School can seem to be challenging for many students, especially if a student is actively involved in extracurricular activities, sports or simply hanging out with friends. With just a little assistance, you can help your child score well in his high school examinations. The first step is to stay positive and encourage your child regularly to perform well.

Stay in touch with the teachers

Schedule regular discussions with teachers so that you can keep a track of your child’s performance in the class.  In fact, if your child knows about the same, he might feel encouraged and motivated to perform well.

Keep a track of his schedule

In high school, it is not good to order your child. Instead, simply keep a track of his after-school activities, such as coming straight home after school unless he has some extra classes to attend. Once at home, he should sit for homework after a bit of relaxation. This will not just help him learn the subject properly but be up to date with the classwork as well.

Private tutor if required

Not every child is smart and clever. Therefore, to cope up and practice thoroughly for high school studies, they can get enrolled in tuition. They might not understand certain chapters when taught in school. In that case, private tutors help them understand the chapters properly.

In tuition classes, students get less distracted and can clear their doubts, which otherwise they are not able to ask in school due to the fear of embarrassment.

Additionally, extracurricular activities and TV must be cut short and made available only as breaks between studies.

While making all these efforts, do not forget to remain gentle with your child, as the harsh way might irritate him instead of considering you as a support.

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Veena Raizada

With more than 40 years of experience in school education, Ms Raizada has conducted approximately 1000 training sessions for teachers, students and parents. She is also a pioneer in developing technology-enabled products.


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