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What are the Five Most Effective Strategies for Online Learning?

online learning

Here’s an interesting fact about online learning — according to the Research Institute of America, e-learning increases retention by 20%-60%. Is there a way to make the best of this type of learning? Of course, yes! We outline eight such strategies to make your online learning more effective.

Set goals for each day

While your long-term goal is to complete a course over a stipulated period, it is essential to break it down into smaller goals that are achievable over the course of a day. This will simplify goal accomplishment and improve efficiency. So, set your target and reward yourself when you achieve it. This will motivate you to continue working towards your goals.

Choose your space

It may sound silly, but memory works better when you try to recall information in the same place you acquired it. Choose a quiet place that helps you concentrate on your online classes and stick to it. Pick a place that is away from a couch or a bed. It is important to distinguish between your place of rest and your place of learning for the best results.

Block your study time  

Just like consistency in the place you study, consistency in the time you choose to study gives you a better learning experience. Choose a time for learning and don’t let things around you change that. Be strict with yourself. Leave everything else when it is study time and use your determination to maintain time.  There are many apps that’ll help you keep up to your chosen time. Use them to your advantage!

Accountability helps you progress

Add the strength of extrinsic motivation to your own willpower to make the best of online learning. Involve your family and friends in your learning process. Have them help you with setting up a timetable, encourage you to finish learning a concept or simply celebrate your achievements with you. 

Compete with your friends 

Competition is a great encouragement to achieve your goals. Discussions, group projects and healthy competitions are known to improve online learning by 37%. Indulging in this type of learning also increases your chances of completing an online course. There are many such gamified methods available online. The Quizzer feature in the LearnNext+ app is an effective way to test your knowledge while competing with your friends. 

Online learning can be challenging. However, these are some strategies, when used correctly, can greatly enhance your online learning experience. Apply these to your online learning and experience excellence!

Kruti Beesam

Kruti enjoys blogging and listening to music. She actively tries to sensitise people towards disabilities and create awareness about the need for wheelchair friendly infrastructure. Being a foodie, Kruti looks forward to meeting new people and sharing a good meal with them.


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