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Do you yell at your kids? Beware!

Do you yell at your kids Beware!

Yelling is considered common practice in parenting. Be it gaining control over your kids, venting your anger, or just making your point (s) loud and clear, you may find shouting at kids quite normal. However, what you think is a far cry from the ground reality. A study has revealed that yelling causes more harm than any goods. According to the study, harsh verbal expressions, including yelling, result in adolescent depression, leaving an adverse impact on adolescent conduct. So, if you think yelling isn’t harmful, think again! You may have put a foot wrong.

At times, you may find it difficult controlling your temper and therefore, you end up raising your voice. Consider the following easy-to-follow tips in such situations.

  • You yell when you lose your control. So, maintain your cool as much as possible. Do scold your kids if needed, but you do not need to explode and scold them at an ear-splitting volume.
  • Indeed, you cannot achieve anything just by yelling. If there is any issue related to your child’s behavior, find it out and look for the right solution. Instead of bawling, take some deep breaths, talk to your children calmly, ask questions and try to get to the root of the issue. It will be more effective in dealing with your kids.
  • Communicate with your children more often. It is more effective than raising your voice. Take an initiative to explain all the rules that you have set for them,what is right and what is wrong for them, and what would be the possible consequences if they do not abide by these rules. Once your kids understand you better, they will more willingly obey you.


Initially, it may be difficult for you to control yourself from yelling at kids. Have patience and try your best. Indeed, it’s worth doing.

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