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#CleanSeas AR experience to merge real and the virtual world

Augmented reality is creating unique new opportunities to raise awareness and reach audiences. A new Clean Seas augmented reality experience created by Singapore creative technology studio MeshMinds now allows audiences to immerse themselves in the challenge of tackling the marine litter problem. MeshMinds have created a virtual ocean teeming with sea creatures made from plastic waste, working alongside UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Singaporean artist, André Wee, 

Through a simple interaction, people are able to “clean” the sea and make a social pledge that they can easily share online. “We can track engagement and impact. We find that the dwell time on such augmented reality experiences is significantly longer compared to viewing static content. The level of interactivity helps people engage more with the problem of ocean pollution,” said Kay Vasey, Chief Connecting Officer of MeshMinds

The augmented reality experience was created for Singapore ArtScience Museum’s Climate S.O.S – Season of Sustainability. This month-long showcase was designed to create connections between the habits of consumers in Asia and the impact of climate change in the Arctic and the oceans. The use of art in the augmented reality experience builds on work done by artists worldwide to create awareness of environmental issues.

Art can create a far greater awareness and engagement on climate communications due to the visual and visceral nature of the medium, says Adam Hodge, UNEP’s Regional Information Officer for Asia and the Pacific. “Artists can have an important impact on issues like climate change and marine litter. By combining their medium with augmented reality, we can deliver some incredibly powerful messages.”

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