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Boost in Teacher Morale

Boost in Teacher Morale

A teacher’s morale is an extremely important factor for consideration at both private and public schools. If teachers’ morale is high at a school in addition to a healthy faculty management, not only teachers are collaborative and productive but also students at the school excel academically, thereby making the school environment engaging and dynamic.

The prime factors that affect the morale of teachers are workload, school leadership, student behavior, compensation and professional development. Some teachers are even entrusted with other responsibilities, such as curriculum development, administrative paperwork and recess supervision. As a result, overwork but poor payment may have an impact on a teacher’s morale.


Undoubtedly,  a teacher is always entrusted with heaps of work. To help induce high morale and maintain smooth workflow, teachers may be involved in decision making, creating collaborative teams and solving problems and planning. Such measures will help them share the workload.


Compensation is extremely important, especially in the competitive world. Make sure that every teacher’s salary is commensurate with his/her skills and experience and he/she receives increments in a timely manner. To be fair in terms of the same, do away with the traditional system and implement a system that fits the services related to compensation aptly.

Professional Development

Professional development of a teacher is directly proportional to students’ achievement. Schools that pay heed to this factor ultimately create conditions where students value learning as well. A school should facilitate effective and meaningful professional development of its teachers to build up their morale, thereby creating a perfect learning environment.

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Dheeraj Mehrotra

An educational innovator, author and experiential educator, he has authored numerous books on computer science and educational excellence.


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