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Best practices to start a video conferencing session in a classroom

Many schools have realised the importance of videoconferencing to facilitate learning in the classrooms. Let’s first understand what videoconferencing is. Videoconferencing allows students to collaborate with peers in different locations via live video sessions. They can be held multiple times a week at multiple schools at a minimal cost. 

Such a programme requires minimal technology intervention, and many schools nowadays, have the basic infrastructure to arrange for a video set-up.  

Listed below are the three best practices to conduct a video-conferencing session in classrooms.

  • Define technical requirements: Any teacher can conduct a videoconferencing session with the help of an Internet connection, a webcam and a projector. If a guest speaker is not comfortable using video tools, they can record their speech in an audio-only format and share it across.
  • Embrace the flipped classroom: Once a speaker is scheduled to deliver a lecture on a topic, the teacher can share short videos related to it with students in advance. This will provide a brief idea to students about the topic to be discussed and prepare them for a robust conversation. 
  • Hire a full-time professional: Schools can hire a full-time professional to plan video conferencing sessions and manage a website on which teachers can put in requests for a schedule. 

If teachers integrate video conferencing into the curriculum, students will get a chance to hear speakers speak on topics, ranging from history to current affairs, and even complex subjects, such as Mathematics and Computer Science. 

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Manalisa Sarmah

Manalisa Sarmah is a copywriter at Next Education Pvt. Ltd. She has completed her MPhil in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. She has worked on different educational projects with Hope Foundation and Adhyayan respectively. Her interest areas include reading, creative writing, and travelling.


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