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Average cost of getting digital classroom very low!

The concept of ‘digital classroom’, wherein conventional teaching is aided by technology-based learning, is growing fast among the private schools in India. A large number of schools have already made the switch, either fully or partially by adopting the digital classroom system, but a huge majority is yet to make the change. The number of schools is so huge that the segment is expected to grow at a rate of almost 100 per cent per annum over the next several years.

It is true that a certain level of investment is needed to convert a conventional classroom into a digital one. The initial cost may seem prohibitive, since some hardware and equipment need to be installed. There is usually also a periodic ‘licence’ fee that needs to be paid to the vendor.

However, taking all costs over a period of five years into consideration, the average cost – the cost per student per month – works out to be very, very low, maybe about a hundred rupees. That is an investment well made if the immense benefits of a digital classroom are taken into account. Not only does teaching become easier and more interesting, taking a huge burden off the teachers, the students also improve their understanding, grasping and performance. Experience has shown that this does happen. Teachers find digital classrooms a huge help that only enhances the quality of their teaching.

Once the initial capital cost has been recovered, the actual running cost goes even further down, lending a big edge to the school, the teachers and the students. In short, it is a sensible investment. A digital classroom is equipped with IT learning tools to enhance quality of teaching through digital content, animation, concept simulators, interactive and activity-based learning.

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