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Add fun to English grammar—A teacher’s guide

Add fun to English grammar—A teacher’s guide

Gone are the days when teachers faced difficulty generating students’ interest in English grammar. With the latest innovations, teaching English grammar is now just a cakewalk. These days, several grammar games and activities are empowering teachers to add some fun elements to grammar lessons.

An introduction to grammar games and activities

Grammar games and activities refer to a play-way method of imparting knowledge of English grammar to students. The main objective of these games and activities is to make grammar lessons very enjoyable and interesting for students.Interestingly, all types of grammar activities as well as games cover every aspect of learning a language, including listening, speaking, and comprehending.

Various types of Grammar games and activities yield several benefits for students. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Since these activities and games are very enjoyable, they help in retaining students’ attention and interest for a longer period of time. These games and activities are quite useful in breaking the monotony of English grammar classes.
  • All the four skills related to learning a language can be hone up through the play-way methods of various grammar activities and games.
  • Grammar games and activities help students get a better understanding of any difficult topic, as these games and activities can be conducted on any topic. For instance, ‘Tenses’ are quite difficult for students to understand. Teachers can use various grammar activities and games in order to improve their students’ knowledge and understanding of tenses.
  • It has been found that many students use correct grammar while writing. However, when it comes to speaking, they cannot speak with the right grammar. Since many of these games and activities involve the concept of role plays, they help students improve their grammar not only in written English but in spoken English as well.

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