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6 tips to boost your exam preparation

It is the time of the year when students are filled with anxiety, uncertainty and a lot of tension. Yes, it is exam time. Exam fear is back on students’ minds. The impact of this fear affects their physical and mental health, which subsequently, hampers their performance in the exams. 

The good news is exam fear can be eliminated. All you need to do is follow six tips during exams.

Eliminate Exam Fear With Early Revision

The primary cause of exam fear is a lack of time or insufficient preparation. A structured practice that includes starting revision early will take away the stress that shows up a night before the exam. One of the best practices is to revise two days before the exam. 

No Exam Fear With Right Timetable

Every student’s response to exams is different. Hence, it is recommended to prepare a timetable that suits you the best. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and use remedial measures accordingly. 

Confidence In All Subjects

It is important to devote enough time to all subjects. Also, drowning yourself in a single subject all day is not good. Refresh yourself by making time for two/three subjects in a day. This way, you will not only have a change for yourself but will also be covering all subjects. With each passing day, you will cover a little portion in all the subjects you’d be tested on. If you think it is too much, try alternate days.

Breaks Are Crucial During Preparation

A break is crucial during preparation. It is a conscious pause you give in the process of learning. It prevents extreme fatigue, which can negatively affect your memory. Experts recommend a 15-minute break after every one hour of uninterrupted studying. During these breaks, it is essential to eat and drink well and stretch your body a little. Research shows a strong connection between physical exercise and memory. It is proved that a good workout can greatly boost your memory.

Good Sleep Results In A Good Exam

Just like exercise boosts memory, sleep enhances its retention. An eight-hour sleep is a must for exam goers. If your timetable is packed, change it. If you are unable to modify it ideally, get help. Do whatever it takes to ensure you get enough sleep. Your body needs relaxation for you to perform well.

Understand Concepts Instead of Mugging Up

An exam is all about testing what you know. Exam fear mandates the need to know concepts at all costs. Mugged up concepts cannot be retained for long. Try to understand them and their applications.

Exams can be tough no doubt, but exam fear only makes it tougher. Try to give your best shot with a calm mind. 

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