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10 Ways to Keep Busy When Social Distancing

With the number of Covid-19 cases in the country rising everyday, the government has started to bring in stricter measures to control the outbreak. One of the major recommendations by the health officials has been to practice social distancing. Classes have been suspended for students and even adults have been recommended to stay indoors and work from the confines of their home.

To know more about what is social distancing and why it is important, click here!

While it might look simple enough at first, soon boredom starts to eat away. Used to the busy humdrum of day to day life, sitting isolated at home can prove to be challenging for many. Even if you are a professional working from home or a student who still has online lectures and submissions, you still might find yourself with more time in hand than you can imagine.

With news channels broadcasting the virus news day in and out, it is easy to get carried over and spend all your time stressing. But this is not helpful for your health. Instead, it is important to keep yourself in good spirits and engaged. So, here a few ways to productively spend your time while practicing social distancing!

Make a to-do list

It is good to make a to-do list for each day. Not only does it ensure that you have completed all your tasks, but it also gives you a sense of satisfaction and productivity at the end of each day. Try to divide the time so that you will have enough time for yourself. It also helps those who are working from home keep a track of their deadlines.

Learn a new language

With the help of apps like Duolingo, now learning a new language can be done right at your home. Have you ever dreamt of watching anime in Japanese? Or seeing your favourite East Asian dramas with no subtitles? This is the right time to start then. Having an extra language in your arsenal is always a plus for future career opportunities as well.

Pick up an old hobby

Amidst busy classes or work schedules, there must be hobbies that you often had to put aside. This is the perfect opportunity to start them again! Take out your old colouring boxes and start painting again. Or maybe try your hand at gardening. Just make sure that whatever it is you are doing, it is something you enjoy and find happiness in.

Keep a journal

Being cooped up in the house, it is easy for the days to turn monotonous and appear all the same. Keeping a journal will help you keep a track of your days and make sense of what you have been upto each day. If you are staying alone, it will also be a good way to let out your thoughts and worries.

Try a new recipe

Be creative and try to make a new dish with what you have in your provisions. Cooking is often therapeutic and there is nothing more satisfying than eating something you made for yourself from scratch.

Read a new book

Between classes, work and other social engagements, we may not always find the time to sit down and read something. So now might be the perfect time to pick a new book and lose yourself for a while in its pages. It will keep your mind focused, fresh and also relaxed.


As important as it is to keep your mind healthy, you should also take the time to pay attention to your body. Being at home all day, it is often very tempting to stay in bed even while working or studying. Your body needs exercise, so do not give into the temptation. Make sure to devote a few hours of the day to exercise to keep yourself fit.

Meet up friends and family online

While it might not be possible to meet people in person, you can always remain in contact with friends and family now through the internet. Make sure to check in on them and talk to them on a daily basis. This not only helps relieve your worries about your loved ones but also helps you reconnect and grow closer with them.

Join online communities

Being at home does not mean that you cannot meet or talk to people. Find online communities about things you feel passionate about and engage in conversations that exercise your brain. It can be something simple like the fan community of your new favourite book or band, a community of students, or even of people engaged in professions similar to yours.

Next Gurukul, India’s largest online community for learners, educators and parents is a perfect example for the latter. You can easily become a part of the community with a single click and join discussions, read blogs etc.

Relax with Netflix or youtube

While it is important to feel productive, you also deserve a good break at the end of the day, so find something you like to watch and end your day on a good note. It need not always be mentally stimulating but can be something which takes your mind off the worries about the virus and the pressures of classes or work. 

Remember that these are just tips. Different things work for different people. What is important is that you find something that keeps you engaged and happy. And whether or not you take these above tips, make sure you follow the one below.

Remember to wash your hands regularly!

Devika S

Devika S is a copywriter at Next Education India Pvt Ltd. She has completed her Masters in English from the University of Hyderabad. Being a language enthusiast, Devika is well-versed in the Chinese language. She is a passionate reader and ardent listener of a wide variety of music.


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