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COVID-19: Set Your Priorities Right

Coronavirus is on news all over the world right now. It has become a global crisis forcing us to take immediate actions. WHO declared COVID-19 as pandemic on 11th March, 2020.  The outbreak started in Wuhan, China. As per the latest update there have been 276,474 cases. Out of which 91,954 recovery and 11,417 deaths have been recorded. There is still research going on this virus.The scientists are trying to find its vaccine as soon as possible. But till then everyone’s been advised to stay alert.

Effects of the virus and the Precautions taken

The effects of corona virus on people are pretty evident. But has everyone really accepted the reality. The very fact that people are still having social gatherings is disturbing. From the given data and facts it is clear that we can fight the disease if taken proper treatment. The sole problem lies in the fact that most of the countries have limited resources.They are not  equipped to treat so many people at a time. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO said that: “Some countries are struggling with a lack of capacity. Some countries are struggling with lack of resources. Some countries are struggling with a lack of resolve.” The main reason behind telling people to quarantine is to stop the rapid spread of the virus. So that the whole situation can come into control.

Effects on the Environment

Countries like China and Italy  have gone into nationwide lockdown. Even Mumbai is on partial lock down as India tries to contain the virus. All the factories, vehicles and malls are closed.The lockdown of these countries made a huge impact on the environment. There has been a significant decline in nitrogen dioxide emission (NO2) which is harmful for our health. Due to the lockdown, the condition of the air has improved drastically. Environmentalists  have been trying to make people aware of Global Warming and it’s harmful effects.We have taken nature for granted and misused our resources. We have polluted the environment to such an extent that even the air has become poisonous.The outbreak of this virus has led to the cleaning of the planet.But this is temporary. The environment will get back to its previous state once we come out of this situation. We should take this phase as a lesson. We should start having a greener and eco friendly lifestyle which will help our planet to heal.

NO2 drop over Italy

Coronavirus’s impact on the economy

 Coronavirus has not only been responsible for the global health crisis but it has also been responsible for the global economic crisis. It is a topic of concern especially for the underdeveloped and the developing countries.The sudden shutdown is making so many companies go on the verge of bankruptcy. The economy is falling down rapidly in all the countries. 

There is a whole section of society who can not afford self isolation.There are so many people who survive on their daily wages. If people don’t die because of the virus, they will definitely die of starvation and poverty if they stay in isolation.There are daily wage workers, the government workers, the nurses and doctors who are working 24 by 7 to  keep the situation in control.We may make a lot of fuss about self isolation and social distancing but it’s also a privilege to be able to go in self quarantine.

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