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Tips to prepare general knowledge for all competitive exams

Tips to prepare general knowledge for all competitive exams

General knowledge is a thorough series of information that can be accumulated over time through various mediums. One does not have to be a specialist in a particular domain to be the master of general knowledge. General knowledge is strongly associated with general intelligence and open-minded attitude towards embracing new information and being aware of the world.

Various studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to show interest in other domains as well. General knowledge is thought to be supported by long-term semantic memory ability and  schemata for textual understanding is also supported by it.

General knowledge in competitive examinations

Starting from the current affairs, world history, significant discoveries in the field of science to geography and world politics – everything comes under the umbrella of general knowledge. Prestigious entrance examinations, such as UPSC, CAT and other government entrance exams, designate a portion  related to general knowledge and thus, it is important for aspirants to be well-equipped with general knowledge. A few important topics covered in GK are

  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian and World History
  • Awards and Honours
  • Indian  and World Economy
  • Indian Polity
  • Well-known National and International Organisations
  • Constitutions around the World
  • Current Affairs

Importance of general knowledge

The significance of GK is way beyond knowing the answers to trivia and general knowledge quizzes. GK, in fact, enables one to measure an individual’s personality through their awareness pertaining to society and surroundings and the myriad happenings around the world. and the idea is applicable for everyone starting from a student to professionals, business owners or homemakers. 

General knowledge helps us grow on both personal and professional front. It broadens our sense of perceiving the world and helps us understand and analyse situations in a better way. Our intellect, confidence also get positively impacted by the enhancement of knowledge. Apart from honing our personal skills, general knowledge helps us strive for better professional opportunities as well. So, enhancing general awareness is imperative for one’s holistic growth.

Tips to prepare general knowledge for competitive exams

Becoming the master of general knowledge is not an easy task. It needs dedication, patience and thorough practice to achieve excellence in general knowledge. While the primary key is observation, the secondary key is curiosity that can help an individual do wonders in the field of GK. Let’s learn about some tips and tricks that can help us excel in the domain of general knowledge.

Make reading a regular habit

Once my Political Science professor told a very interesting statement during our lectures. She said, ‘There is no shortcut to success. Study and do good. There are no hacks!’’ So if one is willing to enhance their general knowledge, it is important to read more and stay aware of the happenings around them. Reading different newspapers, such as The Hindu and The Economic Times, and magazines, such as India Today, The Outlook,  can help one enhance their knowledge as well as form a broader perspective on society. 

Watch interesting content

Watch a variety of informative content. It will be great if one does not restrict his or her content preferences and chooses to watch different content that caters to news, science, entertainment and society at large. Shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, direct telecasts of Loksabha and Vidhansabha enrich us with knowledge.

Take notes

Reading and writing need to go parallelly to enhance any academic skill. So, merely reading and watching content is not sufficient unless we note it down and make a serious effort towards retaining it. Taking notes is an effective way to learn and memorise information. So, it is important to develop the habit of taking notes which can help us enhance our knowledge expertise. General knowledge also includes  various important names and dates. Noting those down can help one recall them later. 

Mindful use of the Internet

21st-century learning advocates easy sourcing of information and the internet has made information accessible to us. With the help of the internet, we are capable of catering to myriad a variety of content which helps to tame our curiosity. But, one must double-check the authenticity of the information provided on the Internet as there are several fake websites to mislead us. Thus, one needs to be careful while using the Internet.

How to prepare general knowledge for competitive exams

While  reading, writing, practising and retaining information regularly can help learners master general knowledge, preparing for competitive examination demands some additional tips, too. The time allotted to complete the exam, along with the question paper pattern play a vital role while attempting such papers. So, the aspirants need to practise how to complete a set of questions within the stipulated time. If the competitive exam follows a multiple-choice question pattern, it needs to be practised accordingly. Solving previous years’ question papers, too, can help aspirants prepare better. 

General knowledge is an interesting domain. It plays a vital role in both personal and career development. Be it invoking new topics to facilitate discussions or preparing to be the future IAS, general knowledge truly enriches the learners. 

What else?

Keep Gking!

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