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Technology influence – Are we on the right track?

Technology influence – Are we on the right trackThe rapid pace of technology is having its impact on every aspect of human life, may it be the family, the work place, or social life. Mankind seems to be passing through a crisis. Technology trends, scientific and mechanical ways of life are fast reducing human beings to the status of a machine. Conflicts of ethics, behaviours and traditions in the name of generation gap are permeating the atmosphere. Where do we look for the solutions to all these social and global evils, which remain a challenge for mankind?  The education system, which should be the answer, itself is undergoing a tremendous change. Educators, policy makers and leaders across the world are collaborating to create learning communities to find ways to prepare students of today for tomorrow’s world. In our endeavour of promoting technology as the tool to cope for training of skills for future, let’s gauge whether we are on track. Are we on the right track? Do write to us here.

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