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eLearning makes teaching easier and learning faster

Experience has shown that eLearning makes it easier for teachers to teach, and ensures that students learn faster. Teaching complemented by digital learning tools, which include activity-based modules, which makes teaching interactive, improves the comprehension and retention capacities of students dramatically. Mere traditional teaching, without digital tools, makes learning monotonous and leads to low retention.

Digital learning tools have one more advantage – it lets teachers monitor each individual student’s progress and performance. Thus, the teacher in a class can set the pace according to the needs of the class, and even customise her teaching for any student having difficulty in comprehending a particular concept. Besides, an individual student herself can set her own pace to suit her own needs.

Assessment tools help teachers plan their lessons accordingly. Assessment is an important part of learning as it evaluates learning outcomes, provides remedial inputs and offers a powerful set of solutions towards consistent development of students. eLearning modules makes topics simpler to understand, while interactivity ensures that students stay focussed for a longer period of time. Thus, students develop creative, problem-solving, communication and analytical skills — essential to succeed in the 21st century, when competition is tough.

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