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Team sports, a boon during formative years

These days, obesity is prevalent among children. So, any kind of sports is a good idea to burn calories and keep children active. But team sports are especially helpful for a variety of reasons. Going by the level of competitive spirit in school teams and regional teams, parents often ask if they really need to subject their child to competition on a sports field.

But a few things that a team sport teaches go beyond scoring, batting, and winning.

Keeps ego in check

Young and high school-going students can often be very egocentric. ‘My way or the highway’ attitude stays in check as a child realizes that every member of the team is important and has something to bring to the table.

When children play as a team, they learn to be happy for others’ successes. They see that each success benefits the entire team.

Makes them receptive to mentoring

A proficient coach can have a profound impact on children. A child often responds to an objective coach than he will to his parent who is worried and chastising at times. When kids have good experiences with coaches, they try to seek out and learn from mentors later in life.

Mends lifestyle

Being part of a team inculcates the three P’s – Practice, Patience, and Persistence. They also learn to come to practice on time and may get disciplined by their own nature due to their enthusiasm for the game. So, ‘punctuality’ is another ‘P’ the game teaches them. Sports teach many important life lessons.

Offers family Time

As your child practices the game, you will enjoy the family time you enjoy with your kids as you drop them at the field every day. Cheering for them also brings you closer to your children.

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